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Ray McAndrues wizard series - fantasy, paranormal

A paranormal, modern fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery, detective series - PG16, adult.


Nukekubi book cover - paranormal, mystery novel

Nukekubi - fear itself.
Nukekubi means headless!

Location: Canada - Toronto, Hamilton, McMaster University, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Published by Dark Dragon Publishing.

ISBN-10: 0986763365,
ISNB-13: 978-0986763366 paperback;
ASIN: B006VYHR0U e-book.

20 chapters + epilogue, 254 pages, ~80,600 words.

     From ancient times nukekubi have haunted the land of Japan. Living as men by day, these beasts slip their heads free of their flesh at night and go in search of human prey. These hapless souls are driven into a terrified madness that results in their death.

     Ray McAndrues, a modern-day wizard, must neutralise a nukekubi that is feasting on the people of Toronto. He is aided by Cathy, a sorceress of numerous charms, and Toshiro and Kunio, two, Japanese, martial artists who have made hunting nukekubi their lives' work.

     As the quest plays out, questions arise. Who is hunting whom? How can you slay the beast that stalks the night without slaying the man who walks the day? What is the strange, millennia-old connection that binds Ray to the beast, and will it help or hinder the quest?

Nukekubi - free chapters.
Nukekubi audio book trailer read by Tall Tale TV, Christopher Herron.

Available in paperback, and e-book.

Sequal Revenant.

Available from: Amazon on line booksellers - including Australia, Canada, UK, USA,
Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Nook, Kobo, Books a Million, Book Depository, Powell’s Books, and other book store locations.

Nukekubi Interview

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Revenant book cover - paranormal, mystery novel

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and vicinity.

Published by Dark Dragon Publishing.

ISBN-10: 1928104223,
ISBN-13: 978-1928104223,
ASIN: B0B3F916M9.

19 chapters + epilogue, 244 pages, ~71,300 words.

     Modern Wizard, Ray McAndrues, had hoped that after defeating a Nukekubi, his life would return to normal. But after finding his boss bleeding to death, he discovers someone or something is causing people to commit suicide.

     With the help of his long-time partner, Cathy, they discover that there is a pattern to these murders, which go back further than either one could imagine. Whatever is encouraging people to take their lives has a specific agenda, but worse, it is controlled by a force more heinous than either could possibly imagine.

     It is only through the reluctant help of Katelin, a local witch, does Ray discover the evil behind the murders. The only question left: Is he strong enough, even with Cathy and Katelin’s help, to stop the Revenant before it takes his life.

Revenant - free chapters.

Available in paperback, and e-book.

Sequal Lycanthrope - available 2024.

Available from: Amazon on line booksellers - including Australia, Canada, UK, USA,
Dark Dragon Publishing list of stores, and other book store locations.

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Lycanthrope - 2024

Available 2024.

Are the rash of dog attacks in the Hamilton, Ontario area more than they seem? Is a lycanthrope involved? The witch and wizard team investigate.

Lover's Choice

Lover's Choice short story a Ray McAndrues short story.

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